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Thank you for your interest in selling through NEW TO ME TN! Please email us at to formally express your interest.




NEW TO ME TN charges a listing fee to sellers/consignors. This fee covers:

  • Staff site visits to measure + photograph each product

  • Product uploads to website with detailed descriptions

  • Social media promotions of products

In addition, NEW TO ME TN charges a percentage of sales. Commission varies by consignor and volume of items submitted to NEW TO ME TN.




Most furniture loses 40-70% of its retail value very quickly following a purchase. We are here to help you recoup some that investment and avoid the traditional 50% commission charged by most consignment shops!


We ask your items to be in the best condition possible — our customers expect the piece to constitute the asking price.


You set the “asking price,” but we may use our data, expertise, and market knowledge to suggest a price that will move your item more quickly. NEW TO ME TN does not employ licensed appraisers or antiques experts. The price is ultimately up to the consignor. 


NEW TO ME TN’s minimum listing price is $100. Online shopping is competitive, and NEW TO ME items sell best when priced at least 40% off the purchase price. Pieces in a more used condition should be over 60% off retail price.


Products are listed for 90 days; however, at the end of each 15-day period, we ask you to reevaluate your sale price. 




Once an item is sold, NEW TO ME TN will forward the receipt to the consignor containing buyer contact information. It is the consignor's responsibility to directly coordinate pickup with the buyer.


All goods remain with the owner until buyer pickup, at which time the buyer must inspect all items. All purchases are final as soon as goods leave the consignor.


NEW TO ME will pay consignors within 7 business days of sale.




NEW TO ME TN accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and Venmo. All sales are final. We do not offer refunds.

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